The SingleApp REST API allows you to access the best restaurant menus in Toronto and Montreal through a standard interface.


In order to access the api you must first register now for an api key. We require you to give your contact information and the IP of the server that you are going to connect with. Once you have your key you can start querying the api. Note: Every query must have 'key=YOUR_KEY_HERE' appended to the parameters so we can identify you.

For example:

Will return a list of all restaurants in our system with menus in XML. See List Restaurant Menus for more details.

If you have already registered for a key and have forgotten it you can get it emailed to the account that you registered with by going to forgot key entering your server's IP address. If you no longer have access to that email address you have to contact us directly.


Error Type Description
Error: 23 (Invalid Key) There is a problem with your key. Ensure that the server calling the api is using the IP that you registered with, if you are unsure if your key is correct go to our key retrieval page enter the IP of your server to have the key emailed to the account that you registered with.
Error: 23422 (Banned) You have done something that breaks our terms of use. To regain access please Contact Us
Error: 23723 (Limit Reached) You have reached your call limit for one day, you can either wait until tomorrow to regain access or Contact Us to increase your limit.

If you are having a problem that is not addressed here please Contact Us and we will assist you in any way we can.

Formatting Options

Each query made to SingleApp can be returned in either XML or JSON by passing the appropriate string through the 'format' parameter

For example:

Returns a list of all restaurants in our system with menus in JSON.

Returns all of the menus for the restaurant with the phone number '4163665544'.