Get the details of a business given various parameters


Parameter Name Required Description
key Api Key Required The api key that was generated from
format Output Format Optional Can be set to "XML' or 'JSON' depending on which output format you want to use.
Default: XML
count Number of results Optional The number of restaurants that you wish to be returned
Default: 25
page Page Number Optional Which page you want to display, e.g. If your count is 25 and your page is 2 you will get results 25-50
Default: 1
id The specific id of the restaurant you want to load Optional If you already have an id, from the menu list, input it to get the profile details.
Default: Empty
mid Merchant ID of the restaurant. Optional Loads the profile via MerchantID if the restaurant has one.
Default: Empty

Example JSON Output

The following is an example of output