Get the menus and the basic details of one or many restaurants.


Parameter Name Required Description
key Api Key Required The api key that was generated from
format Output Format Optional Can be set to "XML' or 'JSON' depending on which output format you want to use.
Default: XML
q Search Query Optional This field is used very similar to a search box. e.g. q=bay%20street would return a list of restaurants that have menus on 'bay street'
phone Phone Number Optional Will find all restaurant menus under the given phone number.
NOTE: There may be multiple restaurants returned by one phone number due to various franchises of some restaurants sharing phone numbers.
estid Establishment ID Optional Will return the one establishment, and its menus, for this ID. A full list of these ID's can be retrieved from menu_list.php
menuid Menu ID Optional Get one menu by ID, it will also return the basic restaurant information, as it always does.
type Type of menus that you wish to load Optional Filter the menu results by pdf menus. Valid options are 'pdf'
Default: Empty
lang The language of the menus Optional Load English (EN) or French (FR) menus only.
Default: Empty


  1. Get all restaurants and their menus that offer pizza and forward the output in JSON.

  2. Find the menus for "Avli Restaurant" and output the results in XML.

  3. Find a business with phone number "(514) 694-8611". NOTE: 5146948611 will also work.

  4. Get the menus for establishment id '201320135328'

  5. Get the menu '20138989'

Example JSON Output

The following is an example of output for the query